Several hospitals have ECG,CTG and Ultrasound machines. These machines are used for mapping the heartbeat, detecting abnormalities, detecting potential heart attacks, understanding uterine contractions, and position of the fetus. To comprehend the reading acquired via these machines, special charts and papers are required. Only the optimal quality paper brings the right print for the analysis of medical procedures. Such papers are special thermal papers crafted in a unique manner for bearing the graphic reading. You can acquire these papers and charts by approaching 'SMART HEALTH' in UAE. We provide the flawless charts & paper to medical institutions across UAE and GCC. Imported from Malaysia & Italy, our R&D Bureau performs a stringent quality analysis before stocking up the paper & charts. Currently, we’re supplying charts & papers for all types and make of ECG, CTG and Ultrasound machines. Our range  includes medical refrigerator and hospital refrigerator printing papers too.